guitars_300x400I love recording – whether tracking with a live band or doing guitar overdubs, either in your studio or remotely in mine. Let me show you what I can bring to your project with great tones and musical ideas that enhance your creative vision.

For online sessions, clients typically send me a stereo WAV or AIF file (with tempo notated), but I can also work with complete session files from Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, Live or Reason.

Charts are appreciated but optional; if you don’t have one, I’ll transcribe and notate the tune for my own use during recording. I will send you an mp3 or AAC rough mix of the song with my guitar parts, and I will gladly make one or two rounds of revisions/additions until you are satisfied with the results.

Once I have received payment (you can use PayPal) I will send you the final full-resolution guitar tracks (WAV/AIF) via DropBox or your preferred delivery method.

Please contact me to discuss your project.




1997 James Tyler Studio Elite
1966 Fender Precision Bass
1966 Fender XII 12-string electric
Fender Telecaster
Michael Tuttle Tele
1967 Gibson ES-335
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Jerry Jones Neptune Baritone
Eastman archtop
Epiphone archtop
Collings CJ acoustic
1946 Martin 00-18 acoustic
1970s Yamaha acoustic
Alvarez Yairi nylon string
Guild 12-string acoustic
1909 Gibson A-style mandolin
1930’s Vega tenor banjo
5-string banjo


Mesa-Boogie Mark V:25 head
Mesa-Boogie Studio Preamp
Egnater Mod 50 head
Egnater M4 preamp
Egnater “Seminar Head” (50W Marshall Clone)
Swart Atomic Space Tone combo
Fender and Peavey combo amps
Various speaker cabinets


Fractal Audio Axe-FX II XL
NI Guitar Rig 5
Boss SE-70
Line 6 M9
A veritable armada of Pedals (Fulltone, TC, BYOC, Keeley, Skreddy, ZVex, Boss, MXR etc.)…
…and a fleet of Plug-Ins (Waves, UAD, PSP, iZotope, NI, Audio Ease, etc.)


Mac Pro 12-core with UAD-2 Quad DSP card, 32 GB RAM and 8 TB of storage
Metric Halo ULN-8 FireWire preamp/interface (2)
Dyanaudio Acoustics studio monitors
Various dynamic, ribbon and condenser microphones
Waves, UAD, Metric Halo, PSP, IZotope, Metric Halo and other plugins
Digital Performer 9, Pro Tools 11, Ableton Live 9, Logic Pro X and Reason 7
NI Komplete 10 Ultimate
Spectrasonics Omnisphere/Trillian/Stylus RMX
MOTU MachFive 3
East-West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, StormDrum, Choir etc.
VSL Special Editions
CineSamples Percussion, Brass and Woodwinds
Synthogy Ivory II